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SAT 2009 - Twelfth International Conference on
Theory and Applications of Satisfiability Testing

June 30 - July 3, 2009, Swansea, Wales, United Kingdom

General information


Organisation is, like the web pages, sub-divided into E-mail addresses are as follows: If in doubt, then you may send your e-mail to both addresses.


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Travel information

Please see the official travel information. Below you find some personal recommendations.

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Business meeting

Going out

  1. We have a special meeting room for the conference in Fulton House, the "Castle Room".
  2. And just opposite to it we have JC's Bar, where you might sit down, or you can take your drink with you to the Castle Room.
  3. This is an "easy solution", you meet your colleagues and can have some drinks.
  4. It will be also rather quiet: Student's won't be around at this time of the year (most of them left), and the only other guests are likely some medical engineers who have a conference which partially overlaps with ours.
  5. So for Monday evening things should be settled.
  6. Wednesday and Thursday evening we have the "informal" and the "formal banquet".
  7. After the banquet on Thursday we are close to the city centre, and those who want to experience a British pub can come with us to the No Sign Wine Bar on Wind Street.
  8. This map of Swansea and Swansea Bay shows the area relevant to us.
    1. Point 11 is the building opposite the Faraday Building (where all talks take place).
    2. At Point 2 we have our Banquet (on Thursday).
    3. And the No Sign Wine Bar just mentioned is north of Point 2.
  9. On Friday evening likely we all are a bit tired, but perhaps we want something different than JC's bar, and so we might book a table at the Pub On The Pond , which is just at the edge of the university campus, perhaps 5 minutes to walk (just 100m west of Building 33 on the above campus map). Since they want a deposit, we have not fixed that yet.
  10. If you are still looking for nice places to go out, Mumbles is the right place to go (in the south of Swansea Bay on the above map), with lots of restaurants at the seafront.
    1. It you need just a pub, we recommend The White Rose .
    2. A nice restaurant is Adams Restaurant , with a 3-part menu for 20 pounds.
    3. Another nice choice is Mediterranean Grill , which is not British (i.e., if you need an escape).
    4. Finally, a more expensive restaurant is Patricks Restaurant .


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