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Our group organises the 3rd International Workshop on Process and Data at Gregynog. Sadly this year Markus could not make it as he was struck down with illness. This however, did not stop us from having another successful conference that was both educational and very fun. Hopefully Markus will give his presentation as part of a future group meeting. Below are some photos of the event where the following presentations were made:

Speaker: Richard Davies

Title: "Modelling, Verification and Implementation of Concurrent Systems"

Speaker: Phillip James

Title: "Railway Signalling - Past and Present"

Speaker: Temesghen Kahsai & Liam O'Reilly

Title: "An Introduction to CSP-CASL"

Speaker: Temesghen Kahsai

Title: "A First Glimpse of Test Case Generation from CSP-CASL"

Speaker: Liam O'Reilly

Title: "Event Structure Semantics for CSP"

Speaker: Markus Roggenbach

Title: "Metric Spaces, Banach's Fixed Point Theorem, and Processes"