Welcome to the Processes and Data Research Group. We are based in Swansea University's Computer Science department. Our research interests include:

  • Modelling and tooling for CSP and Timed CSP.
  • Verification of Railway Control Software.
  • Semantice, proof calculi, testing and tool support for the CSP-CASL specification language.
  • Co-algebraic semantics for the CSP process algebra.

We develop the following tools:

  • CSP-Prover which is an interactive theorem prover dedicated to refinement proofs within the CSP process algebra.
  • Times-CSP Simulator which is an animator for timed processes based on the ProB tool.

Since February 1st 2011, we have been working with the EPSRC/RSSB funded Safecap project in co-operation with Newcastle University, Invesys Rail and the AIST, Japan. Further co-operations with industry include work via the Software Quality Lab.

The Processes and Data project was originally supported by a grant from EPSRC. The report for this EPSRC grant is in the form of a frozen version of this website (up until 31st October 2009) which can be found here, no further dates will occur. This website however will continue to grow and expand with the life of the Processes and Data Group.