Photo of Troy Astarte

Dr. Troy Astarte
History of computing, history of theoretical computer science, as well as the history of mathematics, semantics of programming languages, modelling of systems, and verification of programs and systems.



Photo of Arnold Beckmann

Professor Arnold Beckmann
Mathematical logic, logic in computer science, proof theory, blockchain foundations, computational modelling for I4.0.

Ulrich Berger
Dr. Ulrich Berger
My traditional work areas are domain theory, proof-theory and lambda calculus. Currently, I’m mainly working on program extraction from proofs.

Photo of Jens Blanck
Dr. Jens Blanck
Computability, domain theory, continuous data types, mathematical logic.

Photo of Fan Xuiyi
Dr. Xiuyi Fan
Research interests include argumentation, multi-agent systems, artificial intelligence

Photo of Phillip James
Dr. Phillip James
Cyber security, domain specific languages and  verification, formal specification and verification of railway interlocking systems, model checking using SAT-Solving

Photo of Oliver Kullmann
Dr. Oliver Kullmann
Automated theorem proving, SAT solving, constraint satisfaction, algorithms, complexity theory.

Photo of Faron Moller
Professor Faron Moller
Concurrency theory, verification problems for infinite state automata, modal and temporal logic, game theory.

Photo of Liam O'Reilly
Dr. Liam O’Reilly
Algebraic specification, structured modelling, compositional reasoning about reactive systems, tool support for theorem proving and other formal methods.

Photo of Arno Pauly
Dr. Arno Pauly
Computability theory, computable analysis,  descriptive set theory, algorithmic game theory.



Dr. Pierre Pradic

Photo of Markus Roggenbach
Professor Markus Roggenbach
Specification languages and their semantics, verification, testing, tools.

Photo of Monika
Dr. Monika Seisenberger
Logic and proof theory, interactive theorem proving and program extraction, modelling and verification of railway control systems, formal methods in security and cyberterrorism.

Photo of Anton Setzer
Dr. Anton Setzer
Proof theory and type theory, interactive theorem proving and dependently typed programming, verification of interactive programs and user interfaces, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Photo of John TuckerProfessor John V. Tucker   
Theory of data, logical and algebraic methods for modelling and specification, computability theory for topological data types, computability theory for physical systems, monitoring and surveillance studies, history of formal methods,  innovation in computing and its impacts

PhD students:

Photo of Hoda Abbasizanjani
Hoda Abbasizanjani
Research area: SAT, combinatorics



Photo of Fatima
Fatima Ahlijji
Research area: data monitoring



Photo of Aled
Tonicha Crook




Jay Morgan
Jay Morgan
Research area: AI, Law



Photo of Arved
Arved Friedemann
Research area: Extracting advanced SMT solvers from proofs



Alex Milne
Alex Milne
Research area: Blockchain




Photo of Olga
Olga Petrovska
Research area: program extraction



Tobias Rosenberger
Tobias Rosenberger
Research area: safety and security



Aled Walters
Aled Walters
Research area: verification and modelling