PCC - Proof, Computation, Complexity

International workshop

13 - 14 April 2007, Swansea, Wales

The workshop is colocated with the British Mathematical Colloquium 2007 which takes place in Swansea, 16 - 19 April 2007.

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Aims and Scope

The aim of PCC is to stimulate research in proof theory, computation, and complexity, focusing on issues which combine logical and computational aspects. Topics may include applications of formal inference systems in computer science, as well as new developments in proof theory motivated by computer science demands. Specific areas of interest are (non-exhaustively listed) foundations for specification and programming languages, logical methods in specification and program development including program extraction from proofs, type theory, new developments in structural proof theory, and implicit computational complexity.

Past PCC workshops


Contact: Ulrich Berger


PCC is intended to be a lively forum for presenting and discussing recent work. Participants who want to contribute a talk are asked to submit an abstract (LaTeX, 1-2 pages). The collection of abstracts will be available at the meeting.

Deadline: March 2nd, 2007

Submission of abstracts: Ulrich Berger

Preliminary Programme and Abstracts

A booklet containing the abstracts of the talks can be found here.

FRIDAY, 13th of April
9:00 - 13:00 Wolfram Pohlers (Muenster) Ordinal analysis for Pi^0_1-definable non-monotone inductive definitions
Christoph Duchhardt (Muenster) Analyzing Pi_4-reflection
Gunnar Wilken (Muenster) Ordinal arithmetic and Sigma_2-elementarity
Christoph Heinatsch (Muenster) Pi^1_2-comprehension and the property of Ramsey
Thomas Studer (Berne) Infinitary Systems for the modal mu-calculus
13:00 - 14:00 LUNCH
14:00 - 18:45 Thomas Strahm (Berne) Kripke Platek set theory over polynomial time computable arithmetic (I)
Dieter Probst (Berne) Kripke Platek set theory over polynomial time computable arithmetic (II)
Paola Bruscoli (Bath) and Alessio Guglielmi (Bath) On the proof complexity of deep inference
Alessio Guglielmi (Bath) and Tom E Gundersen (Bath) Normalisation control in deep inference via atomic flows
Ernst Zimmermann (Boeblingen) Normalisation of omega-arithmetic by certain finite means
Dieter Spreen (Siegen) Representing L-domains as information systems
SATURDAY, 14th of April
9:00 - 13:00 Helmut Schwichtenberg (Munich) Computational content of indirect existence proofs
Philipp Gerhardy (Oslo) A constructive version of the mean ergodic theorem
Gilda Ferreira (Lisbon) An explanation for the commuting conversions
Fernando Ferreira (Lisbon) A Shoenfield-like bounded functional interpretation
Diana Ratiu (Munich) Searching for Algorithms in Proofs of Existence of Groebner Bases
13:00 - 14:00 LUNCH
14:00 - 18:45 Lars Kristiansen (Oslo) Complexity theory and Goedel's T
Isabel Oitavem (Lisbon) On the way to NP
Margarita Korovina (Novosibirsk) Safety Properties Verification for Pfaffian Dynamics
Trifon Trifonov (Munich) Finding Dialectica realizers for axioms
Dan Hernest (Paris) A way around Luckhardt's elimination of extensionality procedure in the mining of proofs that use the non-standard analytical axiom F
Jan Bergstra (Amsterdam) Control code logic

Location / Travel information

The workshop PCC '07 is held at the Department of Computer Science at Swansea University, Wales. A comprehensive list of informations on how to reach Swansea can be found here. Our University is also maintaing a list of hotels and B&B which are conveniently located to the campus.

The Swansea University campus is located in Singleton Park, right on the coast of Swansea Bay; the city is to the east, the North Devon coast is visible to the south, Brecon Beacons National Park is to the north, and the old fishing village of Mumbles is to the west. Mumbles marks the start of the Gower Peninsula, an area of outstanding natural beauty, with long beaches, dramatic coastal scenery, and a rich history.

Directions on how to get there can be found here.

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Swansea University Campus

Registration & fees

To register please send email to Ulrich Berger indicating your time of arrival and departure and whether you need assistance in finding accommodation. There is no fixed registration deadline, but in order to be able to help you with booking accommodation it is recommended to REGISTER AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE.

The workshop fee is 20 GBP, payable in cash at the beginning of the workshop.

Participation at PCC'07 is independent of participation at BMC'07, but we highly recommend to use the opportunity to take part at both events. For registration at BMC'07, see here.

UK Student Grants

The British Logic Colloquium has kindly provided some grants for UK students that will cover travel and accommodation. Please email Ulrich Berger for further information.

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