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Dr Monika Seisenberger
Dept. of Computer Science
College of Science
Swansea University
Singleton Park
Swansea SA28PP, UK

t: (+44) (0)1792 602131
f: (+44) (0)1792 295708

Monika Seisenberger

PhD Munich, Associate Professor at Swansea University

Programme Director Computer Science


Program extraction; Modelling, Specification & Verification; Verification of Railway Control Systems; Interactive Theorem Proving; Formal methods in Security and Cyberterrorism; Logic & Proof theory, well- and better quasiorderings.

I am a member of Swansea's Theoretical Computer Science group and of the Swansea Railway Verification Group. I co-organized the Proof, Complexity, Verification (PCV) Research Seminar (from 2006-2013) and I am the Swansea site leader in the Wessex Theory Seminar, a Joint Seminar Series of Mathematics and Computer Science Departments, and Industrial Collaborators, broadly in the Wessex region.

Research Projects:
  • Correctness by Construction, CORCON, FP7 Marie Curie International Research Project, PIRSES-GA-2013-612638, Jan 2014- Dec 2017.
    This is a project which involves researchers from Japan, Australia, New Zealand, USA, India, Korea, Sweden, Italy, Germany, and UK and specifically supports and offers training for PhD students. Currently in Swansea we have a vacancy for 1-2 PhD students to participate in the staff exchange. Swansea's contribution to the project is centered around program verification in general and obtaining correct programs specifically in the case of continuous data. If interested please contact Monika Seisenberger.
    Swansea Team: Ulrich Berger, Anton Setzer, Jens Blanck, Arnold Beckmann, Monika Seisenberger (Director).
  • Comput whenable Analysis, COMPUTAL, FP7 Marie Curie International Research Project, PIRSES-GA-2011-294962, Febr 2012- Jan 2016.
PhD Students:
  • Andrew Lawrence (Program Extraction, Verification of Railway Control Systems)
  • Alison Jones (Proof theoretic methods in Natural Language Processing)
  • Sulaiman Al-Shekaili (Analyzing Organizational Networks, Cyberterrorism)
PhD Opportunities: We are looking for a student to work for the CORCON project, see above, for funding opportunities please see the College of Science webpages.

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