Physics and Computation 2012

Swansea University, Swansea, United Kingdom

Wednesday 29 August - Friday 31 August 2012




Keynote Lecture
Tony HeyRichard Feynman: No Ordinary Genius
Learned Society in Wales (Turing Centenary Lecture)
Barry CooperFrom Newton to Turing: Physics and the Computational Constraint
Invited talks
Ed BlakeyGeneralizing Complexity Theory
Olivier BournezComparing analog models of computation to digital models of computation
Mike EdmundsThe Antikythera Mechanism and the early history of mechanical computing
Arun HoldenComputation of and by excitable systems, cells, tissues and organs
Tony HeyThree new computing paradigms
Martin ZieglerComputability and Complexity in Quantum Logic
Contributed talks
Edwin BeggsAxiomatising the interface between algorithms and physical systems
Richard J CobleyCurrent Challenges in Nanotechnology
Gilles DowekChaos and the principle of a bounded density of information
J C Garcia-Escartin and P Chamorro-PosadaDistributed computation in inertial frames
J C Garcia-Escartin and P Chamorro-PosadaUniversal quantum computation with somple optical elements with orbital angular momentum encoding
B Russell and S StepneyApplications of optimal control theory to constrained analogues of the Margolis-Levetin Theorem
S Schirmer, F Langbein and E JonckheereQuantum networks: network geometry, control of information flow and quantum routing
John TuckerAlgorithms and physical oracles

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