Physics and Computation 2012

Swansea University, Swansea, United Kingdom

Wednesday 29 August - Friday 31 August 2012

Car Parking

Parking on the Swansea University campus is restricted and used by both resident delegates and university staff. Non-residential visitors/delegates must use the off campus car parks. It may be necessary during peak periods to direct residential delegates to the off campus car parks. If this is the case then resident delegates are advised to move their cars to car park 2 at the end of the working day.

For our residential events during the vacation periods the following applies: Resident delegates arriving before 2.00pm on weekdays, the earliest check-in at the Residences, can park in the main entrance car park No 2, just beyond the pay and display car park. If the barrier is down please press the intercom and state the event you are attending. Please collect a car park access card and note for display in your car from the Residences Reception when you check in.

Resident delegates arriving after 2.00pm can drive direct to the Residences Reception on the ground floor of Preseli Residence. There they can check in to the bedrooms and collect a car park access card and display note. All vehicles must then be parked in the main entrance car park No 2. Resident delegates arriving at the weekend after 4.00pm on Friday can park in any car park on campus but if staying through to Monday vehicles must be moved to car park No 2 by 8.00am. If all spaces are full there is also the pay and display car park, which is on the immediate right hand side of the University entrance. The charges are:

Up to 2 hours - £1.00
Up to 4 hours - £2.00
Over 4 hours - £3.00

There are two off campus car parks located about 2 minutes walk to the west of the campus (attended 9.00-17.00, charge made of £2.20 per day or £1.20 per afternoon) or 7 minutes walk to the east side, when unattended, no charge. During peak periods a small charge may be made if parking staff in attendance.

Parking in unauthorised areas will result in the car being clamped. There is currently a £25 de-clamping fee.

Please Note: All charges quoted are current and therefore subject to change.

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