Logic and Computational Complexity

An International Workshop Series








We have secured funding from various sources for student/postdoc participation at the LCC2014 / ImmermanFest Meeting.

Attention: The FLOC student travel support offers additional funding for students which covers travel and accommodation but not registration. This funding is complementary to the funding we are offering.

  • NSF Logo A large number of student/postdoc grants funded by the National Science Foundation are available. These grants are intended for US-based PhD students and postdocs working in an area related to the LCC2014 / ImmermanFest Meeting. They can cover registration-only, registration and accommodation, or registration, accommodation and travel (up to a maximal amount of $2,000). Eligibility and Selection criteria for NSF funding are:
    • Only students and postdocs based at USA universities will be eligible for support.
    • Priority among applicants will be given to those who need registration-only support, rather than fuller travel support.
    • The highest priority will be given to US citizens/residents.

  • We have substantial NSF funding remaining for attending this workshop. Applications from the USA will be considered on a first-come first-considered basis, until all funds are allocated, up to the date of the workshop.

    To apply follow the procedures described below.

We encourage applications from women and other under-represented groups. All applications will be evaluated by a subset of the PC, and the level of funding support offered will be determined, based on the above criteria and the academic qualifications of the applicant in relation to the topic of the meeting.

Application procedure

USA-based Ph.D. students/postdocs who wish to apply for funding to support their participation in the LCC2014 / ImmermanFest Meeting are requested to submit an application by email with subject "student funding application" containing the following information:

  • Contact information of the applicant: name, affiliation, email, phone.
  • A short CV, including a list of publications.
  • A brief support letter from a supervisor sent by email to the same address - this email should come directly from their supervisor.
  • A cover letter which includes a clear motivation why the applicant wants to visit the LCC2014/ImmermanFest Meeting, what type of funding is requested (e.g., registration-only, registration and accommodation, or registration, accommodation and travel), including the approximate amount (in Dollars/Euros) of support requested.
  • In the cover letter it should be made clear whether the applicant has submitted a talk to the LCC2014 workshop. In case they have, the title of the talk should be included.
  • The cover letter should also address whether the applicants's home department will partially finance their attendance at the LCC2014 / ImmermanFest Meeting.
  • US-based applicants should indicate whether they are US citizens or not.